Article in Windpower Magazine

California Wind Engine


John L. O'Neil, the inventor of the California Wind Engine, is a graduate of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Institute in Miami, Florida, and is a former commercial pilot and FAA-licensed airframe & powerplant mechanic.

John has been actively involved in the construction industry for many years and, as the President and CEO of the California Wind Engine LLC, has gathered an experienced group of consultants--architects, engineers, a general contractor, mechanical project managers, and a patent attorney--to help him bring his wind engine from the drawing board to rooftops and windfarms throughout the world.

US Patent for CWE

The patented (US #8,777,556 B2) California Wind Engine provides an innovative alternative to

the standard 3 - blade propeller windmill.

Processing thirty times and more of  a given wind stream flow, the "S" type Rotor design refines a number of aerodynamic engineering features designed to maximize wind energy capture.

Our goal is to provide a sensible, safer, sight-sensitive and quieter yet more powerful and reliable unit that lends itself to the advantages of cost savings of mass production and leads to a much shorter Return On Investment time frame for manufacturing, deployment and actual operation of the unit per kW per Hour.